Our Training

SCCSSAR meets on two evenings and one weekend day per month for training and general business meetings. The evening meetings are typically held at the Sheriff's Office Headquarters in San Jose and may take the form of classroom style lessons, formalized operations debriefings and equipment familiarization activities. During the summer months, evening meetings are often held at a local county park, where exercises are run to maintain members' SAR skills. Once per month the team meets in the field for an all-day activity. These drills range from comprehensive mock searches which exercise all elements of our SAR response capabilities, to rope systems practice, wildland medical response trials, tracking and navigation exercises. Frequently, these training sessions span both daylight and nighttime hours to better prepare our members for all response conditions.

Participation in training activities is crucial for all team members. An 70% attendance record is required for members to maintain an active status with the team. Not only do these sessions help develop and maintain the necessary SAR skills, but they also provide a forum for members to work closely together and build the teamwork and mutual trust that is vital to effect a successful SAR incident response.