Our Equipment

SCCSSAR is grateful for the support of the Special Operations Division and the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office in providing the majority of the Team's rescue equipment cache and transport vehicles. The team has also received equipment donations from the Red cross, Local businesses and other benefactors.

The team has a dedicated truck and SUV and enclosed trailer which house ATV's, rescue equipment, medical response equipment, radios, GPS units, emergency lighting, a generator and other required supplies. This unit is always ready on stand-by and is used on all call-outs. Through the Sheriff's Office, the team also has access to additional vehicles, a mobile command center and two additional ATV's which can be called into operation in the event of a major incident. The team's operations personnel call upon the Sheriff's Office STAR-1 helicopter to assist in search, transportation and subject evacuation roles if conditions warrant. SCCSSAR and STAR-1 conduct joint training exercises to optimize response capabilities.

Inspections, cleaning and basic maintenance of the team's equipment is all handled by SCCSSAR members. Routine service maintenance on the vehicles is performed through the Sheriff's Office, at the County maintenance facility.

Although not a requirement, many of the team members own and maintain their own gear, ropes, harnesses, and radios. Search management personnel have created mobile communications and command centers within their personal vehicles which can be used to initiate on-scene incident management.