Technical Rescue

Technical Rescue Team

This specialty team provides a forum for members to develop skills in high angle rope rescue systems and become experienced in higher altitude SAR requirements. This team is chartered to provide an OES Type 1 hasty team to support SAR responses requiring high angle rope work and/or operation above 7000 ft elevation on a statewide basis.

A number of members of this specialty team are interested in climbing and mountaineering pursuits. The team has dedicated training sessions at least once a month and will often spend weekends - both summer and winter - in the Sierras on survival and skill development exercises. SCCSSAR members interested in joining this specialty team must have at least one year's experience as a ground team member with the team, have good low angle rope skills and demonstrate a higher physical fitness level than that required for the general membership.

Although SCCSSAR provides rescue equipment for use by this specialty team, members of the Technical Rescue team provide their own additional survival, camping and snow/ice related equipment.