SCCSSAR Canine Team

The canine team provides dogs and handlers for Search and Rescue operations. It currently has 4 certified Mission Ready canine/handler teams and several teams in training. It has dogs certified in area, trailing, cadaver, and water search capabilities.

Area certified dogs search off lead, looking for any human scent. Trailing dogs follow a specific scent trail and are used in both wilderness and urban environments. Cadaver and Water certified dogs are used to help locate the bodies of victims who have died either on land or by drowning.

Members of this specialty team assist search management personnel in planning appropriate canine search assignments during an incident and may also be involved in supporting community events.

Although the majority of members of this specialty team are dog handlers, the team also offers an opportunity for those interested in possibly working towards dog certification to begin to learn aspects of canine search and appreciate the efforts and time commitments involved in this discipline.