Fundraising goal

For #GivingTuesday this year, we’ve set an ambitious goal of $30,000 raised in just 24 hours. We’re counting on our community to make it happen so we can continue to search for your loved ones in our parks, towns and wilderness areas. Please join us on the big day and share our message with friends and family!

Why donate on GivingTuesday?

Giving Tuesday donations are matched by PayPal and Facebook so your donation can be doubled if you click on our DONATE button on 12/1. 2019 was the most successful year for GivingTuesday - $511 million was given online in the U. S. alone and 2/3 of Giving Tuesday donors only give on GivingTuesday. So, it’s very important to get involved and show you care on Giving Tuesday. Share your support with your family and friends — Ask them to help us raise funds. We appreciate it.

On Giving Tuesday, with matching funding, your dollar stretches and adds to many more who can give us the runway to equip our team with much-needed gear and supplies to search and find lost hikers, bikers, hunters, seniors and children in our many parks and towns. While our team has responded to many more requests this year to find your missing loved ones, we have lost much of our financial support to other Covid-related causes. We applaud the outpouring of our community to those in need due to the pandemic. However, our work continues and the load increases.

We are asking for donations through Facebook and here on our website (PayPal) to help us meet our goal of $30,000. It’s a big goal, representing 60% of our proposed budget. These funds would help us replace our decades-old 4-wheel drive trucks, medical supplies, and purchase critical equipment to enable field communications and searcher tracking. Our training and certifications testing must be paid by our volunteer professionals if we can’t raise the funds for them.

How/When to donate

The best way to donate is on Facebook as early as possible on 12/1, Giving Tuesday, because we receive 100% matching for early donations (100% matching funds available at 8 am Eastern time, limited to the first $2 million, 10% after that). This button will take you to our Facebook page to donate.

This button will take you to our Facebook page to donate.

If you are not a Facebook user a direct payment on Paypal is also available

Share with Friends

Please share this link ( with your family and friends so they can learn about us and what we do! Ask everyone to go to our Facebook page to donate ( Encourage them to support our team by donating through Facebook on GivingTuesday, 12/1 as early in the morning as you can. Any amount you and your friends donate keeps us trained and equipped to help find lost loved ones.

how can your donation help?


Replace head-and-neck immobilizers to rescue fallen hikers, bikers, climbers we find


Fund transport costs 1 SAR member to deploy in response to a callout request or; Provide a face shield for our EMT First Responders; or a Tyvek suit for our post-fire searches


Provide Rescue Rigging training and certification for 1 technical rescue team member or; Provide replacement batteries for our ICOM radios


Provide Avalanche training and certification for 1 technical rescue team member or; Provide Advanced Tracking certification for 1 Tracking team member


Support training of 1 canine team member to hone ability to search for human remains to give family members closure on their missing loved one or; Help us get lightweight strong backboards to lift and carry rescued hikers and bikers in our parks


Give our team the ability to communicate in searches with Cradlepoint communications antennae and cabling


Support training of 1 canine team member to hone ability to search for missing seniors in our neighborhoods


Increase our communications in wilderness searches with a 10W Litelink portable repeater and antenna or; USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) equipment trailer

Search and Rescue 4-wheel-drive vehicle for use on off-road assignments


Santa Clara County Search and Rescue Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

EIN # 30-0120876